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PHYS 1441

Professor Maller

This is the first of a three-semester sequence of calculus-based physics course that is the foundation to further studies in engineering and technology. The first semester introduces students to concepts and […]

EL 021W/D844  Second Language Writing Fall 2018

EL 021W/D844 Second Language Writing Fall 2018

Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
English|EL021W|Fall 2018

This is a course in English for Academic Purposes for non-native English students. It focuses on college writing and general education, as well as the CATW writing proficiency.

English 1101Co OL18

English 1101Co OL18

Caroline Chamberlin Hellman
1101CO|Fall 2020

Composition 1 + Corequisite



Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
EL222|Summer 2020

High Intermediate Reading Course