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2023 Fall – MEDU 3000 – Mathematics of the Secondary School Curriculum – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MEDU 3000|Fall 2023

The course examines the content of the secondary school mathematics curriculum from an advanced perspective. Pedagogical content knowledge is examined in discussions of mathematical concept representations, […]

MEDU2901 D015 Fall 2023

Bruce Kan
MEDU2901|Fall 2023

Peer Leader Training

ENG2575 OL51 SU2020

Aaron Barlow
ENG2575|Summer 2020

Students communicate technical and scientific information to a variety of audiences through written and oral presentations using electronic media such as the Internet, Power Point and graphics programs. Students […]

ENG2575 E270, Technical Writing, FA2019

Jason W. Ellis
ENG2575|Fall 2019

Technical Writing is about managing complexity. It is about providing the right information, in the right way, for the right audience, at the right time. It is about communicating technical ideas using sound […]