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Oracle Database Administration CST4714

Oracle Database Administration CST4714

This course is absolutely for beginners. This is applicable for those who would want to learn Oracle Database 11g. This course would be ideal for.. (a) Students who would like to jump into the world of Database Administration. (b) Students who would like to learn about Database concepts (c) Students who would like to get into Oracle Database Administration as soon as they finish their college. This course is mainly based on powerpoint slides and video tutorials.

CST 2410 – Introduction to Computer Security

CST 2410 – Introduction to Computer Security

This course is an introduction to security issues facing computer professionals today. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills on how to maintain the integrity, authenticity, availability and privacy of data. It covers computer viruses, authentication models, certificates, group policy, cryptography, and access control. It also introduces the fundamental security issues of programming, database and web server. Other topics include how to monitor the system for suspicious activity and fend off attacks, to keep spies and Spam out of the e-mail, to take control of security by encrypting data, to design Active directory, blocking ports, and locking down the registry.

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