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Hi I’m Amina, but ya’ll can call me Mina for short. I’m 18, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I hope to have a career in the art industry as either a photographer or a stylist maybe I really don’t know. I like cute things, drawing(sometimes cause I’m not very good at it), fashion, video games and professional wrestling. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!!

who uses that anymore tbh

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ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles (SP14)

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles (SP14)

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will learn the language and process of design thinking and gain a solid foundation in design principles and practices. While studying the basic tenets of design students develop visual literacy by following a design process: 1. Research 2. Experimentation 3. Development of Skill, Craft and Voice 4. Expression of Form, Emotions or Concepts 5. Thoughtful Assessment (verbal and written) 6. Record of significant commitment of time Communication designers use the concepts explored in this course in disciplines such as advertising, graphic design, web design, illustration, broadcast design, photography, and game design.

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