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BLACK THEATRE AFR 1321/Sec D846 SP2020 Mon 2:30PM

BLACK THEATRE AFR 1321/Sec D846 SP2020 Mon 2:30PM

J. Foster-McKelvia
AFR 1321|Spring 2020

A study of African American dramatic literature to explore the complex ways in which the black experience is constructed and presented by playwrights. Students may have an opportunity to experience a theatrical […]

CET4864 Feedback Control Systems , fall 2023

Changkyu Kim
CET4864|Fall 2023

Introduction to feedback concepts (positive and negative). Transient and steady-state analysis using Laplace transforms. Bode plots and stability criteria. Lab work includes the use of mathematical analysis and simulation.

CET4773 | Spring 2024| Dr. Mendoza

Dr. Benito Mendoza
CET4773|Spring 2024

Technologies, protocols, and techniques used to connect a computer network with other networks through the use of gateways that provide a common method of routing information packets between the networks. […]