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Mat 1375_D558_Mingla_Spring2018

Lucie Mingla
MAT1375|Spring 2019

This course is designed to prepare students for the study of Calculus. Topics include an in-depth study of functions such as polynomial functions, inverse functions, radical functions, rational functions, […]

Learning Places: Understanding the City LIB2205ID ARCH2205 (OL96) Fall 2020

Keith Muchowski, Michael Duddy
LIB2205ID ARCH2205ID|Fall 2020

This special topics course offers an interdisciplinary approach to investigating our built environment using a case study focused on a specific place each semester. This course combines physical examination with […]

ENG3402 Graphic Novels, Spring 2019

ENG3402 Graphic Novels, Spring 2019

Rebecca Mazumdar
ENG 3402|Spring 2019

This WI course is designed to introduce students to the genre of graphic novels, from technical aspects of storytelling to comparative thematic and sociocultural analysis.

English 1101 – D310/C310

English 1101 – D310/C310

English|ENG 1101|Fall 2016

English Composition