Making the Difference one Smile at a Time

Case Studies

Case#1 Heavy/ type II Hispanic male nonsmoker. Presented generalized sub-gingival calculus deposits. I exposed Bitewings and panoramic radiographs on him.  After the discussion of findings about caries lesions and impacted third molars with the patient, he was referred to go to the dentist for caries evaluation/treatment and extractions.  


Facebook-20150509-055550                                Facebook-20150508-025914




24 y/o hispanic  male heavy smoker, presented multiple and severe decay. This was a heart breaking case for me because this patient is a friend of mine and to see him in this condition was just too sad. I discussed his nutritional habits with him, and also explained the risks of smoking. We reviewed oral hygiene instruction by discussing appropriate techniques. I also gave him information to hotlines and resources for smoking. cessation. I advised this patient to come back for root planning and scaling  after the extraction of the severe affected teeth 



 case#3 Impacted third molars on a 28  y/o Hispanic male. He also presented severe crowding of the mandibular anterior teeth. 





51 Y/o Hispanic female, with clinically and radiographic visible root fracture. This patient also has very dip fissures in her tongue. An important part of her oral hygiene recommendations was to avoid the use of tongue cleaner in order to prevent food particles to get stuck in the fissures.  


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case #5

74 y/o Hispanic female with significant missing teeth and bone loss.

4 implants




42 years old, African American female, Heavy/Type II.  I placed Arestin on this patient on qualifying areas, and saw improvement upon re-evaluation

Arrestin placement and evaluation

The teeth and sites selected for the placement were:

Initial probing depth           post-Arrestin

#18-MB               5MM                                            3MM

#18-ML                5MM                                           3MM

#19-DB                6MM                                            3MM

#19-DL                5MM                                             3MM

#30-DL               5MM                                             3MM

#30-DB              6MM                                              3MM

#31-ML              5MM                                               3MM

#31-MB              5MM                                               3MM










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