• Materials and Labor Estimate/Budget also personal budget (poster board, and school related items)
  • Calendar
  • Build Schedule
  • Load-in date
  • 3 ring binders with all notes and copies of everything that is related to money and the actual build.
  • Photo archive of the monument before hand, the base during construction, load-in, tech, performance.
  • Poster


Culmination Proposal Description

I’m from Brooklyn, NY (Bay Ridge). On the 69th street pier there is memorial for 9/11 that is made from brass. The Beacon was in placed there the following year after 9/11. Originally it was a Statue Memorial then they added a light beam source inside the beacon.

The beam of light is supposed to turn on every night from 9pm till 11pm all year round. The problems that were faced after installing this was the heat and no one really anticipating that a hurricane would do such damage to the light. Some how Water got inside The Beacon and destroyed the circuits and other electronics.   And this time it’s serving the community and is acting as an ENT culmination project. I will do big part of the hand on work with the building and assembling. Working with the Iron/Welding company we have all the tools and gears that we need to complete this job.

What I want to do is yet simple and complicated at the same exact same time. I want to restore this monument and bring it back to life. By cleaning up the Beacon its self and Restoring the light with changing the light source instead of just putting in a light beam. I will create a new base for the monument that will encase LED light beams. That will light up the Beacon every night from 9pm-11pm. It will be a two-phase project. First Phase will be doing a smaller fundraiser for the temp lighting solution. And the Second fundraiser will be the big fundraiser for the need to rise for the LED light beam, and new construction of the base.

The first phase for my culmination will be reconfiguring the LED lights on the top of the Beacon. Then the second phase of this culmination will be, the fundraisers that will be handled by the State Senators office. And the building of the new base with the enclosed new LED lights illuminating the Beacon, every night from 9pm-11pm.



I finally got my estimates for the bottom half of the project today, the giant stainless steel platform. Estimates comes out to about $25,000.00 for fabrication and installation. That will be for a concrete curb that a stainless steel plate will be mounted to containing the lights to illuminate the memorial.


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