Our college hosted an event hosted by Eliott from Media Current to explore ways to upgrade our current outdated wayfinding system. I remember as a freshman I personally struggled to navigate the campus due to the lack of proper signage. That’s why this event was so valuable it allowed us students to provide input on improving the wayfinding experience. The event kicked off with a warm-up drawing activity. Eliott distributed papers and cards with unique drawing prompts to each participant. We all had fun showcasing our artistic skills following the silly directions.

Next, Eliott divided us into small groups and gave us post-it notes to write down any campus issues or navigation challenges we encountered. Once everyone’s notes were collected on the board then he gave us some stickers to vote on the problems we think need the most attention. This exercise reminds me of the UX/UI class I took last semester.

The event showed that the college knows the problems with the current wayfinding system and is asking students for ideas to make it better. Eliott helped us share our thoughts in a fun and creative way.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the students’ suggestions get used to design a new system that makes it easier for people, especially new students, to navigate and find their way around campus. These kinds of events bring the college and its students closer together and make real improvements to campus life.

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