Exam #1: Review Exercises

Here are the topics and exercises to review for the exam this Wednesday (Sept 27), listed according to WebWork/homework assignments:

  • LinesReview: #2-4 (slopes and equations of lines)
  • LinearSystems: #1, 2, 4-7 (graphing lines, solving 2×2 linear systems)
  • Quiz #1: 3×3 linear system (solution is posted on OpenLab Files)
    • see also textbook pp280-281 (also posted on OpenLab Files)
  • DifferenceOfSquares (#1-3)
  • HW#2 (factoring quadratic polynomials & solving quadratic equations by factoring)
    • will be handed back at beginning of class Wed so that we can discuss; solutions will be posted to OpenLab later today
    • review GCF-Factoring if needed (in particular factoring by grouping, since that’s needed for the ac-method)
  • SquareRootProperty: #3-9
    • solving quadratic equations by completing the square and using the square root property
  • QuadraticFormula
  • ComplexNumbers (due Tuesday, 9/26 – complete this as review for the exam)

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