Assignment #3

Before the Research Career Assess I was interesting in going into the nursing field. I love to help people and make sure that they are well taken care of. When I took the “Assess Yourself”- “Education Planner” I got results that I was shocked about because those are careers I never thought or would see my self in. Such as Finance, Government and Public Administration, Architecture and Construction these are fields I never would’ve thought I would be pursuing anyone of those careers.

But the career that stood out to me the most was Finance; which is the management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large companies: Finance is a very broad field because there is Accounting, Corporate Finances, Investments and Investment Banking and under that list I just mentioned comes with more varieties. Tons of job opportunities you can end up with under those fields. After watching “Career Paths for Finance Majors” it opened my eyes to see that there is so many fields of finance that you can do that are interesting. The YouTuber speaks about each field giving a-little bit of background information behind each one which is extremely helpful and opens your mind about each one. This is new knowledge that I didn’t know about which I’m very intrigued about because it opened my mind into looking into some of these fields of Finance.