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PlayStation logo history

The PlayStation (sometimes known as PS) is an extremely popular series of video game consoles manufactured, marketed and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. It was first publicly introduced in Japan in December 1994. PlayStation is currently one of the largest and most successful global brands in the gaming industry.

In 1994, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. released the “Playstation” in Japan. The Playstation was later brought to America in 1995. It’s one of the most popular video game consoles to ever be released. The Playstation featured 3D polygonal graphics. It was also one of the first home consoles to feature video games on CD-ROM. While other consoles at the time were still using video game cartridges.

One of the most interesting aspects of the original Playstation was its logo’s design, the Playstation logo was designed by Japanese graphic artist Manabu Sakamoto. Sakamoto also designed the logo for Sony Computer brand VAIO.

This logo would pop up on the screen at the console’s start up before every game. The Playstation logo consisted of a sans serif typeface of the letter P on top of the letter S. The letter P is placed above the letter S connected in a continuum; S is placed flat like a shadow. The p is colored red, while the s has a three- color pattern of yellow, green and blue. The Colors used in the design stand for “brilliance, passion, joy, charm and elegance”.

The typeface for Sony playstation watermark was also created by Sakamoto for all playstation products.


Playstation’s logo had to be changed several times by Sakamoto before becoming the final logo.















This is the current logo


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