Community assignement – Clinical Experience


My overall experience during this clinical was good. I had great classmates and great professor as well as great staff at my clinical site. I was always able to get an answer to my question either from healthcare team members, my professor or even from my fellow classmates. Even when we did not have clinical site for few weeks we did not sit down and complain. We would have conversation with our clinical professor about different clinical scenarios and difficult cases. We would say what we would do in different situation and what would be the best solution to the problem. It was really good experience. I have learned a lot and it also facilitated my critical thinking. I was able to do a lot of teaching and a few presentations. I also learned a lot while searching topics for presentations as well as searching diagnosis that I was not that familiar with.



Objective 1: Demonstrates individual professionalism through personal behaviors and appearance.

Maintains client confidentiality

I always used patient’s initials when speaking and reporting about my patient. I never disclosed any identifiable information. When using patient chart to gather information, I utilized it in a secluded area. I also used secluded area to discuss the case with my clinical Professor.

Assumes responsibility for own learning

I assumed responsibility for my own learning, by researching unfamiliar diseases my client was diagnosed with. I also assumed responsibility by doing further investigation on topics presented by my felow classmates to the population as well as the topic I was assigned to.

Prepares for clinical learning

I was prepared to my clinical by preparing useful supplies I needed such as writing utensils, notepads and any assigned work that was due.

Completes assignments within designated time frame

As for the assigned work my clinical instructor gave, all were completed and presented on their designated due dates.

Seeks guidance appropriately

In the event I needed clarification or assistance, I sought guidance from my clinical instructor as well as Rns and other healthcare team memebrs at the clinical site.

Participates actively in clinical conferences

Every Wednesday morning, as a group my classmates and I took part in clinical conferences. We discussed difficult cases and difficult clinical scenarios.

Attends clinical punctually and in accordance with school policy

Every Wednesday I was also punctual, arriving to the site by 8:30am and remaining at the site for the duration of time in accordance with the school policy.

Dresses professionally

I dressed professionally; black slacks, white collared shirt, no jewelry and closed shoes.

Objective 2: Employ analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills when providing care to individuals and families in the community setting.

Uses client interview, nursing and medical records, staff nurses and other health professionals to collect client information

The information I obtained was through client interview, the health professionals and the client’s medical record chart.

Assesses the impact of developmental, emotional, cultural, religious and spiritual influences on the client’s health status

By interviewing the client I was able to assess patient’s mental status, developmental, spiritual and emotional level and its impact on his health status, as a primary source.

Collects significant data relevant to client’s self-care needs

Through this interaction significant data relevant to the client’s self-care needs were collected, for example the safety needs of the client.

Completes a physical assessment of selected clients/ Prioritizes care based on analysis of data/ Applies priority-setting in planning nursing interventions

I was able to complete a physical assessment on the patient and to collect data that allowed for care to be prioritized which was centered on safety and patient eduaction.

Implements safe, appropriate nursing interventions in a timely manner

All nursing interventions implemented for this client were safe and performed before I departed the facility.

Administers medications and treatments safely

Not applicable. None of the nursing interventions involved medication administration.

Evaluates the outcomes of nursing care/ Is reflective about practice. Modify client care as indicated by evaluation of client outcomes.

Every week I returned to the clinical site, I met with my patient and evaluated patient outcome.

Utilizes principles of personal safety when working in the community setting

When working in the community, I utilized principles of my safety by following the school dress code and removing all jewelry and respecting the personal space of all the clients in the facility.

Objective 3: Effectively communicated with diverse groups and disciplines using a variety of strategies regarding the health needs of individuals and families in the community setting.

Utilizes therapeutic communication skills with individuals and families in the community setting

I utilized therapeutic communication by showing respect for my patient.

Utilizes appropriate channels of communication/ Adapts communication skills to the developmental needs of the client

I actively listened to my patient while showing patience and respect. I used open ended questions and leaned toward the patient to facilitate discussion of any concerns or issues.

Communicates clearly and effectively with instructor, peers and the health care team

I was able to communicate with my instructor during the entire time we were at the facility; he was readily available if my classmates or I needed him. I was also able to communicate with the health care team during my time there. They were very helpful and were able to answer any question I had regarding my client.

Communicates significant data to instructor and the health care team/ Reports and documents assessments and nursing interventions accurately

All information gathered and nursing interventions were shared with the health care staff; however, I did not document this information into the client’s medical record chart. I was able to communicate plan of care to my clinical instructor as well as healthcare team members.

 Objective 4: Establish environmental conducive to learning and use a plan for learners based on evidence-base practice.

 Develops and implements a teaching plan for an adult and/or family in the community setting

I developed teaching plan appropriate for patient at my clinical site. The nursing care plan was composed of a lot of information I gathered for the client’s medical record chart as well as data from the client and the health care team.

Establish environment conducive to learning

To enhance the learning process, I arranged for a learning environment, place that was quiet, well lit, and secluded. Comfortable environment conducive to learning must be provided for the best learning process.

Evaluates client/family learning outcomes

I evaluated patient learning by having the patient repeat the information, by return demonstration and by asking patient questions and quizing patient.

Objective 5: Utilize informational technology when managing individual and families in the community.

Maintain strict confidentiality with client records

The confidentiality of my client was always kept. I reviewed patient’s records in a secluded area. When I discussed my patient with my fellow classmates and instructor, I used his initials to identify him.

Utilize principles of nursing informatics in the clinical area

In the clinical area I was able to utilize the principles of nursing informatics. I used database services, textbooks and nursing journals to gather and implement information pertaining to and those that would benefit my patient.

 Objective 6: Demonstrate a commitment to professional development.

Uses appropriate current literature in planning care for clients in the community setting

 When planning care for my client in the community setting I always used current literature to ensure my practice was relevant. I utilized current nursing journals and magazines; I also used science journals provided by my school’s database services.

Assumes responsibility for lifelong learning

I believe that in order to stay current and enhance my knowledge, I must continue to read and make an effort to assume lifelong learning. I try to keep up with reading nursing journals, reading articles and new studies.

Engages in self-evaluation

As a brand new nurse I am constantly evaluating myself. I reflect on actions I have taken and determine if there was a more sufficient way to perform them. I am always trying to improve myself.

Is committed to adjusting to the challenges of independent practice in community health nursing

I am committed to adjusting to the challenges of independent practice in community nursing. I keep myself up to date with the current community nursing practices.

Objective 7: Incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability into practice.

Utilizes American Nurses Association Standards in clinical practice

In the clinical area I always upheld the American Nurses Association Standard of care. I respected the rights and privacy of my client at all times.

Complies with agency standards of practice

As a result, I practiced safely making sure to follow the policies of the institution while keeping the best interest for my patient in mind.

 Is accountable for actions in the clinical area

I took accountability for all my actions upholding the integrity of myself as well as the educational institution I was representing.

Is aware of the assigned agency‘s mission

The first day I arrived to the clinical area, I was introduced to the facility’s mission. Therefore I am aware of my assigned agency’s mission. I also know where I can find the mission in the event I need a refresher.

Objective 8: Collaborate with clients, significant support person and members of the health care team.

Collaborates effectively with health care team to address client problems

 I was able to collaborate with the health care team which consisted of the recreational therapist, physical therapist, registered nurse, nurse’s aids, and social worker.

Coordinates client-care based on client needs and therapeutic interventions

Not applicable

Identifies health care resources for client/families & Guides clients/families to make appropriate lifestyle and treatment choices

 I was unable to meet with the client’s family, therefore I was unable to identify health care resources or guide the family to make appropriate lifestyle and treatment choices. I was able to guide my patient in choosing healthier breakfast choices and managing disease.

Assist clients to make connections to other community agencies

I was able to inform patient about available resources by giving patient link to the website, or flyer or phone numbers to a different agencies.

 Objective 9: Recognize the impact of economic, political, social and demographic forces that affect the delivery of healthcare services.

Recognize gaps in care system

Throughout the semester my classmates, instructor and I have discussed the gaps in the health care system as well as our belief on the contributing factors. A lot of the gaps are related to the lack of financial resources and funding.

Begin to identify solutions to complex problems in the clinical area

 One solution to the complex problem would be to get more funding to expand the services provided at my clinical area. This would involve a lot of petition signing and speaking with elected officials of the area.

Acts as change agent in advocating to appropriate health care resources for client/families

Not applicable. I was unable to act as a change agent in advocating to appropriate health care resources for my client.


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