I was really intrigued when watching the video of Louise Fili and her career as a graphic designer. Fili has designed over 10,000 book jackets in Random House productions. Drawing her inspiration from her Italian heritage and food, Fili shows her strong and elegant typography skills displayed onto food packaging and Italian products. I really like how Fili gets her inspiration from the things around her and incorporates it into her work. Her designs are very Italian vintage, and it is perfect for all the products that she has designed for, but they are also very recognizable, as viewers can look at the product’s logo and can clearly see that it was designed by Fili. Fili states that she loves to make her logos into products and making them very dimensional, as she showed an example of her logo work with a number 2 pencil design, where the design was very dimensional and dynamic. One thing that I learned from the video is that there is no right or wrong when creating designs, and that you just have to do what comes up with your head and make the adjustments over time, in order for your designs to become perfect. Fili also has an extensive visual library from all the photographs and books she has collected throughout her years, and I believe that a visual library is a great way to get inspiration to produce better designs.

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