Theory application paper 2: due date and assignment changes

I have pushed back the due date for paper 2 by two days. Theory application paper 2 is now due on December 13 before midnight. 

Please note two updates for topic selection for Theory Application Paper 2. 

First, you may not write on the same theory OR the same issue twice. The second theory application paper must utilize both a different issue and a different theory than you used in the first. 

Second, if you choose egoism as your theory, you must also address contractarianism. Contractarianism is a theory about the kinds of moral rules that self-interested persons would accept, and so is a very important interpretation of egoism. If you think these rules would not apply to your issue or if you think that egoists should reject the contractarian interpretation of egoism, you are free to discuss these things in your paper. But your paper must consider contractarianism along with egoism, since it is such an important version of the egoist view.

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