Mid-semester grades added to Blackboard

Dear Class, 

The school requires me to post midterm marks on Blackboard. The grades available are:

P: making satisfactory progress

N: needs improvement

SA: stopped attending

These scores are based on a calculation of the percentage of points you have earned on the total points available so far, to this point in the semester. This includes half of your participation grade for the year, half of your homework grade, and the midterm exam (which is now graded and will be returned on Monday). Students who scored 70% and above in the course so far I marked as P, and students below that are marked as N. 

These grades reflect only about 30% of the total grade for the course, so that means that 70% of the grade is still to be determined. If your grade is not where you want it, please note that there is still time to make major improvements. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy your weekend. 


Dr. M

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