Wed. March 4 tour – Gowanus Canal Conservancy – Update

For those who have signed up for the Gowanus Canal Conservancy tour on Wed. March 4: Because this is an outside tour, there has been a change of plans for today due to expected bad weather. Our tour leader will be coming to City Tech to present in class on Wednesday,

Therefore, you should come to class as the session on the Conservancy will be held there. Please disregard plans to meet at the site as originally planned.

However, the following assignment still pertains to the tour/presenter’s talk tomorrow:

Prepare a list of questions to ask to obtain more information about the site and the tour (for example; What is the history of the Gowanus Canal? How/why did it become polluted? What work is the Conservancy doing? How has the local community been impacted by the site over time? Think of questions that the tour raises for you.




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