3 thoughts on “Reading assignment for Mon. Feb.29

  1. Deepak123

    He believes we should farm the city for many reasons. one being it cools the environment and the building saving on energy. two being that it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. three being you will get local produce instead of getting from around the world. four you have greater respect for the food because know a days people throw out food a lot. and it does require a lot of energy in the sense of watering and soil.
    Deepak Gangarampanday

  2. farhad

    The reasons McCintock mentioned about farming the city are:
    1. Making connections between people in a neighborhood.
    2. Less transportation will be needed to export or supply foods to the food deserts. Subsequently, less fuel will be burnt which leads to minimize environmental pollution.
    3. Agricultural plant on top of buildings will eventually enhance the beauty of a neighborhood.

  3. Deon Arthur

    Mc Clintack believes that we should farm the city because there will be less transportation for the supply of food – imports and exports. there will be also less fuel polluting the environment. Another reason being that there will be more plants so it would carbon dioxide into oxygen helping the environment.


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