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  1. EspinalA

    #3. Consumerism changes from form to form. I think it all depends on the condition of being brought up.
    If your parents raise you with the mentality of whenever you want something they get it for you, this will be engraved into your nature so in the future that is exactly what you will be doing.
    Parents should raise their children to be something better than themselves. Parents try to raise their child by giving them everything they do not have and with this it makes the child think they can get anything they want and they become spoiled and rebellious at some point.

  2. daoli

    3. Is consumerism is tied to a “natural human urge,” a way of “structuring human life,” or is it condition ?
    I think the consumerism is tied to a “natural human urge.” Because most of the people in the society want to live better and want to own the good product. Like the IPhone, many of people want to have the new model, even some people do not earn that much money they still go to buy the update one. So when people get rich, they want their life live better, they spend a lot of money on housing, food, car, and travelling. Even the people do not earn that much money, when the product on sale, they are also like to spend the money to buy what they want to own. Consumerism also can stimulate the economy development. Since 2008, the government set up the polices for stimulating the economy likes no sale tax on clothing product under $110 for motivating people go shopping to bring the economy goes up.

  3. Jia Lau

    3. Is consumerism is tied to a “natural human urge,” a way of “structuring human life,” or is it condition ?
    Consumerism is tied to a natural human urge. People in this world just buy stuff so they can be viewed differently. It doesn’t matter if they are poor or rich, if they try to by the latest item or some kind, like a new model of some kind every month, they just want to “fit in ” with the community and try to better one another.

  4. Carlos Castro

    Is consumerism is tied to a “natural human urge,” a way of “structuring human life,” or is it condition ?

    In my opinion, consumerism is a condition to structure human life. As what the video had mentioned previously, by the time the baby will reach at the age of 18 yrs old, he will be expose to about 1 million advertisement. This is a sign of conditioning because the marketing advertisement is conditioning people on what, how and where to buy products that are out in our society.
    In the other hand, parents also can condition their kids by influencing them not to buy all things that are in our society. Parents can teach kids that all things are not necessity. They should be aware about their wants and needs so that they wont be tempted to buy things that are not important or necessary.

  5. abraham

    On Consumerism #3:

    The documentary discusses whether consumerism is imposed by the media or the society where we live or if it is part of our human nature. I think the need for product and services is very natural to coexist in the society where we live. The publicity of product and services try to appeal to our search of prestige and status and sell the idea to fill up our lack of talents and insecurities with the purchase of brand. Brands that will give us security and prestige.
    It is important to realize that the need for publicity and media comes from product where there is more competence. Where the market is more saturated and brands look to gain our attention and our money. They use various methods to persuade buyer to choose their brands instead of the others, by adding that appeal to the product.

  6. Deepak123

    consumerism changes from things to thing it comes in very different objects. in our world its all about wants and not needs any more. this world is changing drastically. and we as people don’t pay attention to what use to be important. its all about reputation and social status as to where u stand on the ladder. for example if it is cold people would rather buy a brand name scarf then a scarf that actually keeps u warm
    Deepak gangarampanday

  7. Shawn Clarke

    (3) Is consumerism is tied to a” natural human urge,” a way of “structuring human life,” or is it conditioned?
    Consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in a forever-increasing amounts. Consumerism is a natural urge for humans because it feeds on their life styles. All humans today wants to live a certain life style and are always in a competition with each to show who is better than who. The way how humans should live is very commercialized and how we society looks upon us is the driving force for consumerism. The more humans consume the more manufacturers produce to satisfy the markets. This why millions are spent on commercial to show consumers that what they have is good but this new edition is better when this is not the case. For example cellphones some people changes their cellphones every year standing in long lines for the new phones. They are of the assumption that their phones they are currently using is not of standard and they should get the new one. When all that was change was the screen which is a few centimeters wider. Because of this I say consumerism is of all three areas which are “natural human urge,”a way of “structuring human life,” and it is apart conditioned in our minds.


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