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suspense screenshot-41


In this project I used a combination of colors and I used pencil to create a composition with color and pencil drawing, I think that for this project I didn’t add the departure and arrival I also think I didn’t follow the steps for this project.

For this project I used the flower and the color purple because Eileen likes flower and also because person purple means creativity and we both used the color gold because to us it means a powerful color and to use it means that when you want something u always want to have it.

For this project I decided to used different colors in the background to see the change in the center box. And if u look at in closely you will see the change in color.

For the prismatic Color Studies I used orange, yellow and blue and in my own opinion it was not successful because some colors look chromatic gray.

Muted Color Studies used light color range and most of the colors I used were greens, yellows, and blues. This part wasn’t so hard because in most colors I just added more white.

In this project I used a chromatic gray the colors that I used to make them chromatic gray were gold, red, and purple.


Mountains are the sound of the letter L because to me is the sound of something high and the holes in the topographic map is the sound of the U. I used repetition on this drawing because if you see the first mountains I repeated the same mountains in the bottom and there is also repetition on the sound that my name makes.