Philosophy Statement:

Welcome to my E-Portfolio. My name is Laura Ramirez, I am a Registered Nurse. I’m currently working as a wound nurse at a nursing home.  In this page you’ll be able to explore my experience at New York City College of Technology where I obtained my Associates degree with a major in Nursing. I am currently in the pursuit of obtaining my Bachelors’ degree. My mission is to deliver competent, ethical and compassionate  health care to every individual I may encounter in my journey as a Professional nurse. I have been an independent but also family oriented person since I was a teenager, this experience has taught me  to respect myself and others regardless of age, gender, religion or social status. As nurses, I believe we should be honest and reliable in our practice, and must always preserve our patients’ dignity until the last second we are providing them with our care.

My e-portfolio will display my personal strengths, self-analysis, academic achievements and professional credentials. I hope you enjoy my e-portfolio.


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