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Topic: How to Guide Towards Vaccinations – How do we sort through the information on vaccines  and distinguish misinformation from fact ?

In recent years, there has been a growing mistrust and debate about western medicine as parents are considering the health of their children. Despite the medical industries promoting the necessity of vaccinations, there has been a growing number of parents opting out of vaccinating their children. A glimpse into the emerging public narrative is articulated through the following statistic; “71% of results from the vaccination search were classified as anti-vaccination”. In addition, the amount of reported Americans that rely on their internet searches to influence their treatment decisions. Society has been fortunate enough to have easily accessible information but is also subject to the widespread of misinformation. This is a growing concern among medical professionals because the declining the rates of immunization can potentially have severe adverse effects. Medical professionals state that herd immunization is important to the prevention of the spreading of easily cured illnesses. Here, we have created a guide that helps individuals make well informed choices regrading the facts or misinformation they may encounter on the web .