About Me

    I’m originally from Ukraine but it so happened that several years ago I got married and moved to the USA. I always wanted to work in a medical field.  My interest for Dental Hygiene profession started seven years ago when I started working as a nursing aid in a Nursing Home for seniors. One day a Dental Hygienist visited the facilities. I had a chance to watch a Dental Hygienist at work and was very impressed with the response the Hygienist received. “That’s something I can  do”-I thought. That day I decided to become a Dental Hygienist myself. For financial reasons I couldn’t start studying right away, so I landed a job as a Dental Assistant. It gave me a good opportunity to extend my knowledge in dental industry and especially in Dental Hygiene. Some time later I started taking pre-requisit classes at New York City College of Technology. I completed the classes with straight A’s and received a Dean’s Honor List from NYCCT. Pretty soon, I started my studies at the Dental Hygiene program.

Now I am finally at the end of this journey. After all those years and hardship I never doubted my choice of becoming a dental Hygienist.