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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Lena Lin Post author

    Do you think figure ground can be compared to notes and rests (the space between the notes) in music?

    Figure ground can be compared to notes and rests in music, because just as musicians must read between the lines of their notes, designers must look between the figures and grounds. Paying special attention to such details will allow one to catch certain messages in designs that will help one self learn to better their own designs.

  2. Lena Lin Post author

    This article about a new renovation to a well known building really caught my attention. The iconic Glass House, Philip Johnson’s New Caanan Conn, is now covered in candy red dots. Yayoi Kusama is the artist behind this change. The “dots obsession” makes the glass house stand out from the scenery around it and draws people in. After doing some research on this article, even I wanted to go take a look at this iconic place. A house with “expensive wallpaper” will deffinitely provide a beautiful view


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