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Richmondhill, Queens

Hello, My name is Randy Apanah and I currently live in Queens. The street I live on is 114st in Richmond Hill, NY. It is more of a residential area with houses and one apartment building towards the end of the street. It is a one-way street between the avenues of 101st and 103rd. I feel like I live in the center of the necessities around me and everything isn’t too far to access. Trains are located five minutes from home. Three of the main bus lines are also about a five minute walk to access Union Turnpike Kew Gardens which you will find more of the main trains to take you into school, work, the city and any route your looking to travel.

My street doesn’t have parking rules or sweeping rules so parking spots are usually available to the public at anytime. Also on 114st is a Sikh temple. On Sundays and several days throughout the week, many sikh Indians would come and pray and worship at the temple at all times throughout night and day. It is open to everyone. Food and sweets are shared and everyone is friendly and kind as well. The Sikh temple is highly populated due to the area we live in. Because of this, parking becomes hectic at certain times in the day since everyone is going to church.

Aside from the church is liberty avenue which merges 114st as a major avenue. On liberty avenue, you have a variety of stores and supermarkets for all your local needs. For example, there’s a store that sells all your household food items and produce about a 5 minute walk from home. Across the street is a 99 cents store which is also useful for the community. The neighborhood itself consist of a multicultural and diverse people. There’s many West Indian and Spanish races and everyone gets along with each other as neighbors and friends.

My neighborhood is more on the quiet side than louder. There’s many kids who live around me. In the afternoons, it’s safe for the kids to sit outside and play under supervision of an adult. Not far from my house is a park where the kids are given swings, slides, and a play area to relax and have fun. The park was built under the map of a public school so it is a shared park of the school which is open to the public weekdays and weekends. The neighborhood of richmond hill doesn’t have many main attractions or sites to find eye catching and interesting. Apart from the houses and stores, there’s not much to see besides beauty care, pharmacy care, and food.

There’s also many enjoyable diners and eateries around my neighborhood as well which is also walking distance from my house. There’s Chinese food, Indian food, fast food, Caribbean food and much more open for everyone to enjoy. Separate from food would be the West Indian markets. People who live a distance from grocery stores or further away from liberty avenue would visit the West Indian markets on the weekends. Families would shop for the week at the markets due to the fresh produce and low prices offered. Overall, Richmond hill is a nice neighborhood and I’m glad to experience the little amenities it has to offer for the public without any inconvenience.