When we first began the class we had to write a cultural assessment letter to our Professor, Patrick Corbett, in which we discuss a little bit about our upbringing and how important reading and writing was placed on us by our parents. This was the easiest assignment I had to write in the entire semester.

Cultural Assessment


We had to create a business letter for Old Navy. We needed to design it and use lorem ipsum text to learn how to balance white space on the page. I never thought design was something people in business really cared about. I realize now that I’ve been taught to design all documents, not just ones pertaining to creative problems and even though it may be true that business men and women may not have an eye for design, they do have an eye for what can be easily read. It is something unconscious and with this class I have been reminded of that.

Old Navy Letter Louisa Garcia


We had to rewrite a strongly worded memorandum from the owner of the Tiger Oil Company Edward Davis and make it more friendly, but still keep it stern. This rewrite was incredibly hard for me because I’ve realized I am that brash when I am very upset. However in the case of Edward Davis, he had no filter whatsoever so it was a matter of figuring out the best words to convey the same message without bringing offense to anyone he has employed. We were also assigned to rebrand his logo.

Tiger Oil Company Memo


For this assignment, we had to address a complaint from a loyal client in regard to a new telephone automated system. I actually didn’t mind writing this letter, I have addressed upset clients in the past do to my supervisor position at an animal hospital. I wrote the letter honestly and as I would speak. I did make some errors, but I can accept the corrections and improve on it for the next letter or conversation I may have with someone who has a complaint.

Louisa Garcia Informative Letter


We had four options for this message and I chose Denying a Suggestion. The reason for why is because as Vice President of a student club, I have to deny many suggestions that come my way and given my honest style of addressing people, I opted to do this one and refine that skill with some niceties.

Louisa Garcia Negative Message Suggestion Denial


Writing to a company about why they should consider hiring interns is not an easy task. I had to put myself in the shoes of the business employer not looking to hire anyone and it was kind of interesting to see things from that perspective. With that in mind, I chose a graphic design firm whose creative director just came and spoke at one of our events on campus.

Persuasive Message LGarcia


I decided to use a real proposal that I had drafted for my club at school asking our foundation center for a grant so that we could travel to Paris. This was difficulty because it was hard for me to come up with reasons why they should grant us some “free” money. I had to think strategically and I had to think like a business person then the answer became clear.

The City Tech Foundation Proposal Art Directors Club