Assignment #1 Invesigation

The book is “Alexander Woollcott, His Life and His World” by Samuel Hopkins Adams (1871-1958)

  • I first went about to search google books for I was informed that I would have luck finding the novel there. Just as planned, I found it by pasting the line “This is ghastly. We canā€™t use it. Full of cliches, gags, sob stories, little hints to contribute to the cause, and in the end” into the search bar. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t available for me to view without purchase so I proceeded with my research on
  • According to KIRKUS reviews, an online page for book reviews, etc, the book is based on a series of letters called The Woollcott Letters fromĀ a salesman that dreamed to work for the Times.
  • I came upon a website that would provide me with a bibliography on Alexander Woollcott. (




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