through out my whole experience working at Changing The Present I picked up several different understandings of several things. The first thing I learned is to work with my supervisor so I always had to adapt and change up designs. While working there and communicating with the other members I have developed great communication skills in a team based environment. The Final and most important thing I learned was to keep a constant work rate to make sure deadlines are met constantly.

Office space where members can meet and speak

Office role model

I think a good role model in my internship is the one guy who I haven’t asked for his name yet but he has a lot of insight. I see him every monday  but he does a lot of work and he’s pretty friendly and has a lot stories. Any one in the office usually ask for advice from him and I admire that because I wanna have that much information and he’s very professional and seems to do his work no problem.


Evaluation of my project I believe I’m doing good on my project for the classsite I found almost every subject assigned except the last two. the last two assignments are proving to be a difficult subject even if my supervisor says it’s understandable that they’re very hard to find it really adds this strange level of frustration with wanting to do a good job but not being able to find what exactly needed. Aside from that i’m doing good any other assignments given to me I will finish and anything I can’t do i’ll make sure to ask around and research in order to finish.


I haven’t really collaborated with many of the other interns because most of the assignments don’t really have you working with a group just with the supervisor. So working with my supervisor is simple yet puzzling a lot of back and forwards with the subjects handed to me. I don’t really mind the work it’s just very picky work that could drive you mad because you can’t find the exact answer to the project but when you do you feel a sense of freedom and happiness for finding it. office showing how everyone works 

experience on the job

In the office it’s not like you learn a lot of new techniques design but you learn more about working with another person. I always work with my supervisor her name is Alyssa shes very committed to what she does but what ever work is assigned always goes through her. I’ve been working on an assignment gathering things for the classroom charity site they’ve been working on but a lot of it is stock photo and needs to be approved before being excepted which can be very difficult depending on the topic at hand.  other projects would include designing logos and other projects but again your mostly working with the supervisor for graphic design and shes mostly explaining to you what type of style it needs to look like.

One thing that I did learn that was new to me was a new style of quick designs using spreadsheet data and text documents. Discovering how to make everything connect with the data documents was oddly simple once you do it but weird to figure it out. Data merge can work on two different adobe programs indesign and photoshop although they both add a variety of tools to make things easier but at the same restrict a lot of freedom and easy. Photoshop data merge allows the make to create a design and easily swap out names and color edits and images but one of it’s biggest problems is that adding perspective and transforming an image doesn’t carry over to other images transferred into the documents through data merge and attaching the design to a a spreadsheet is also pretty annoying . Indesign makes important data easy compared to photoshop but it’s biggest fault is that images can’t be edited because of the lack of in depth image editing tool. Both are good in there own way but it seems at best mostly simple designs are what can be done with data merge.

data merge menu in indesign

Work environment

My work space is an office with several rooms and a couple of other interns and volunteers. The office is pretty roomy and has plenty of desks for the interns and meeting rooms. The interns are all pretty friendly but very quiet at first so socializing is a bit strange at first and all of them seem to come for different environments and cultures although a lot of them seem to be from foreign countries which is pretty interesting because you can discover a lot of different things about other countries.  The hours seem pretty flexible and the environment doesn’t give a lot of pressure because a lot of it is charity work based projects and uniform is very casual unless there is a meeting. Overall peaceful place to intern at with not a lot of pressure I believe it’s okay and it won’t push a person to the limit.

What I do at the internship

I work as part of the graphic design crew basically we do all the design and pick out things that work for sites and other projects the business creates. My supervisor is Alyssa Ettinger shes the head of the small design team but she makes sure the work gets finished and that everything looks just right.

projects worked onI applied after asking around and learning about the internship from my friend so I applied the meeting was with one person and it went well I was asked questions about how I heard about it the internship and what the organization was about after that I thought about it and decided I would do it.


Internship Blog

internship logo

The Company I intern at is called Changing The Present is a non profit organization company that focus on creating several designs mostly greeting cards for charity organizations.  The site is in Hotel Pennsylvania on the B floor.

Intern sight floor B

Most of the main designs consist on greeting cards for other charity organizations to present to people who join the charity’s and events.  Other things the organizations helps is by getting support for other organizations. Most of the people who work  at changing the present are interns and Volunteer.

I’m am an intern in the graphic design department being new i’ll probably get the easier jobs until I learn more. So far everything seems very peaceful where the main objective as an intern is to finish the projects assigned to you. For now it seems like an okay place and hopefully I learn somethings and gain some connections.