Visual Quote Project

In this project, we were asked to find a quote and visually communicate it by manipulating text in a way that personifies the message being told.  A lot of things were crossing my mind as to what show or movie I should use, and nothing seemed to come to mind. then the arrow came to mind since it was a show that I was well indulged in. I was very caught up and knew what was going on and I thought It would be perfect to use.


This concept came from a specific episode within the show “the arrow” where the main protagonist Oliver Queen practices his aim by throwing a bunch of tennis balls and trying to hit them with his arrows. this was very interesting to me because that takes quite a lot of skill. I took this imagery and added in the most used quote by Oliver Queen which is, “You have failed this city”.



In this concept I trying to show what the main characters main essentials were, what he carries most of the time with him while he’s on missions. This isn’t how his actual bow looks, because its way more detailed with way more involved in it. The bow that I had made was from what I remembered when I went bow and arrow training while I was in middle school. I did this design while still involving the main characters most used quote “You have failed this city”.


This is a design of the arrow that is mostly used in the show, but its a bit exaggerated because the head of the arrow is way bigger then it usually is so that the type could show better. Even though I know that there are more details in the arrow, I felt like if I had done any more to it, then it would’ve been too much and messed with the way you see the type now.