Personal Lolo

Kristopher Vincent Esposito's Personal Logo

It shows my love for computers and games

I enjoy the color red and blue. The “V” is supposed be a piranha plant from Super Mario. The “E” has a Ethernet cord coiling around it. To me it personofies me.

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Personal Bio

My name is Kristopher Esposito and I am a person who is deeply engrossed in the world of video games. I have played games that in the beginning were so low tech that I could count each pixel on the screen. Now it’s hard to tell if you’re playing a game or watching a movie. I would love to be a part of the growing art and increasing realistic of video gaming.

I am not currently a major in graphic designs, but they may change as time goes on. Or I may just dual major later on, because I would like to be able to program games also. I would like to be able to create exactly what I imagine and implement it into whatever I am doing without having to tell others my idea and having them create it.

I currently have no background in graphics arts whatsoever, so I hope to learn a bit about it and see where it takes me.

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