Solar System

My Solar System project was created in the Unity engine. The assets to were given by the professor and we were tasked to make the planets and the Sun. I made the planets first aligned from Venus to Neptune, the speed decreases with each planet farther from the Sun, and the sizes of the planets are not scaled.

After Effects Postcard

I added an image of 3DS XL and gif of code to give the impression of the 3DS being hacked. I thought this was ironic for a postcard since there are usually postcards for birthdays, get well soon, and congrats for graduating and such etc. Christmas was drawing near so I thought it would be a bit humorous to make this a postcard because it is unusual to see a handheld device from Nintendo being hacked. I added text covering the screens of the 3DS with the gif on the bottom that reads “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year”.

Group project

In this group project, we were tasked with making a 15 second advertisement and the topic was time. While we thought about making the ad, we didn’t want to make it something serious because we knew the audience already knows how serious it is to time travel. We picked specific videos that demonstrate the consequences such as Terminator 2 and COD 4: Modern Warfare.