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Bumper (Group Project)

This bumper was a fun assignment with a fun prompt. We tried to showcase a time travel machine, and use a little humor to do so.

Video mash up

I had a lot of fun making this trailer. At first I was worried that it wasn’t enough of my work in this mashup but eventually I put together a mash up that used a lot of my cuts, clips, transitions, and my choice of audio. I’ve never seen Dunkirk though, so maybe that helped me in someways, but hurt in others. I can’t find the pexel video I used for the leaves in the beginning, but everything else I used is here.


Dunkirk Trailer –

Saving Private Ryan –

Man of Steel Trailer –

Linkin Park’s My December –

28 Days Later Theme song –

Nuclear Alarm ––j37Q

Song mash up

This was an assignment that I thought would be easier than it actually was. I had a lot of trouble making something that didn’t sound like trash, and even with that said, I have ideas of how this could be better. The songs I used were:

Coldplay’s Clocks (Studio Acapella) –

Party Next Door’s Break from Toronto – .

And at the very end I took a clip from Dean’s Love –

CD Album Cover Art Assignment

cover art

I was listening to Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange while looking for a cool picture for any album cover art when I came across this image. Funny thing is that this didn’t click immediately. I kept the image open while listening to the album for a few minutes before I thought, “Oh! This is perfect!” I’m happy with how it came out.

Something old and new assignment

old and new

The idea of this old and new image was to take something new (VR Headsets/technology) and show how it could lead to a world where people don’t care about their actual surroundings because they just live in a virtual world now while they wither away. This somehow came out both better, and worse than I’d like. It was difficult to get the man closer to the camera to have the right lighting on his body, but the girl in the back fits into the image extremely well.

Surreal assignment


While I was searching for a cool idea to make this assignment, I stumbled across this image of the sun, and thought it was a pretty image. After that I was browsing for something that fit, and I came across this image of the guy praying. All I did was add the color to him to finish the picture.

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