My Graphic Design Essay

Keisha Braveboy

Graphic Design Principles 1

Professor Nicolaou

Fall Semester 2014



Course Experience: The Analysis of the Experience of Visual Perception in Graphic Principles 1


Before I started this course, I thought I was going to learn how to draw and brand art pieces, but after attending a class I realized that it is much deeper in a different direction. This class goes deeply into the basics of art and creating pieces of work that are made to feel natural. One needs to learn the basics before they can move on. Learning that precision and placing your layout in just the right location, is necessary to catch the eyes of consumers. Having a focal point that stands out in just the right way is essential in design. Size and spacing is another important element that any design piece is supposed to have. Taking any dull design piece or object and creating the appropriate perspective can change the way people view it.

Doing this brings attention; it’s longer just a piece of design or a standard object. With a good narrative, any old object can have a story behind it. By looking at it one can see a little story play out in front of them. Rhythm is another design element that can take a piece from 0 to 100. Repetition with variable is a simple technique that an artist can do to direct attention. “Less is more”, keeping things simple and neat can have better results than a cluttered piece. Use fewer elements for visual clarity and maximum communication. Value contrast or the relationship between areas of dark and light can create just enough depth. The appropriate light and darkness of a hue connects with each other to create harmony.

This course not only changed the way I look at art but it also improved my art skills. Before this class I didn’t understand placement or the saying “Less is more”, now I can look at any art piece and tell you if the piece has too much negative space, if it brings in the right attention; what group of people or consumers the design piece or ad is trying to draw in and if the advertisement or piece does its job. Now when I look at a piece of work, I always ask myself does it work. This course has changed the overall way I look at art.





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