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Hi my name is Kiriaki Baklous but my friends call me Kiki. I am 18 years old and I will be turning 19 on March 10th. This is my second semester at City Tech. I graduated from high school last year at Queens High School of Teaching. During my senior year I was approved to leave school for three months to do an internship. I was an intern at the Courtyard Marriott hotel by La Guardia Airport. I learned all the aspects of running a hotel and I fell in love with this career even more during my internship. Originally I wanted to be teacher but with working with young children at a day care for two years I lost interest. Several family members of mine own some businesses. My God-Father owns a restaurant in the city called Sky Light Diner. I ‘ve watched him run his business for years an Ā I fell in love with the food and beverage management. When I found out you could work in a hotel and become a Food & Beverage manager, I became so interested with the career and I was fortunate to intern at a hotel. I have Ā developed many skills with my work experiences. I believe with my experience, skills and education will further me in this industry successfully.



Courtyard Marriott suite room


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