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First One (Color Combination lock)

Locks are important but this new and innovative idea is curiously fun. Everyone uses security and the usual would be combination of numbers. This idea uses one with colors! Basically with a button pad and LEDs; ; the ones you are really soft and can be found on old Nokia cell phones?  The colors can randomize every time when you input the code. So even if they knew Which buttons you pressed (perhaps if they were looking behind you or something) they wouldn’t know the choice you picked.

Included is the link:

Second One:

A simple creative, artistic way of using technology. To create a clock, a very basic item but with POV or Persistance of Vision. This is a nice thing to see and just something really cool.Cant really describe it but the included videos can showcase what can be done. Its basically a row of LED’s revolving to create an image.

Last Choice