What is the difference between art and design?

The difference between art and design is that art is a way for the artist to express their feelings. People usually can relate to an artwork. The design conveys a message in a poster, book cover, product, etc  the message usually motivates the viewers. One sends out varies of a message while the other sends out one message to the audience. Art has whole images there’s usually a lot going on, while the design is simple and easy to get.

Art expresses the artist feelings while they are drawing or painting a drawing, it allows the viewers to understand the artist feelings. Art has no restriction on the canvas. They can use any materials on the canvas. The artist can draw whatever on the canvas as long as the viewers understand.

Design convey a message on the poster to pursue the viewers to buy the product. The designer itself has their own way to convey a message rather it’s minimalistic or not; as long as the message is on the poster that’s designed. The design has a lot of restriction; you have to make sure every color, shapes, lines, and elements work well together as a whole and that the message is clear.

For Example:


Fashion Poster II



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