View From My Window: Inked Thumbnails


Scrapped most of the old thumbs for some new ideas, felt better in my opinion. There’s some ink smudging that I had a little problem with. Let me know what you think each of them are!

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View From My Window: Refined Thumbnails


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View From My Window: Research Writing

Outside my window there’s an old, beige, brick wall in the back. The right half of it is covered in a dark green ivy. In front of the wall, there’s a grey shed, basically a box with a slanted roof. In front of the shed, there’s an old black grill facing left. To the left of the shed, there’s a small square garden area surrounded by bricks with a bare tree in the middle of that square. To the right of the grill, there’s a wire fence that separates my yard from my neighbor’s. At the bottom of that fence, there’s a long, brick-surrounded garden area as well leading all the way back to the wall. Everything is covered with a thick sheet of untouched snow.

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