Lab 6

My first script for lab 6 part 1 with it running:

This program was written in the vi terminal in the Linux virtual box system. This script was written to be able to tell a student his or her name. The script is first able to ask the student for their name, course code, and grade percentage that is given to them. After entering these pieces of information the script will then give an output that reads “Hello insert name, your grade for the course is insert grade.” If the student were to enter a grade greater than 100, the script would ask them to enter a valid number. 

lab6.1lab6.1 running

My second script for lab 6 part 2 with it running:

This script was written with the intention of allowing it to output the sum of any number that is inserted and the numbers preceding the one inserted. For example, if you insert 3, the output the script would give would be 6 because 3+2+1=6. The script will first ask to input any number at all. It would then output “Sum of 0 to insert number is : the sum.


lab6.1P2 script redolab 6.1P2





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