About Me

Hello, my name is Jaaziah W. Cureton I am a Communication Design Major aspiring to do Animation, Web Design, and a little bit of audio engineering. I came to this major to work on my art skills and build a portfolio so I can dive further deep into Animation. This story of mine started when I was little, I was always raised around comics, and superheroes I was so imaginative and still am. I wanted to convey my love for superheroes and turn it into art, I didn’t know how to draw so I chose writing which quickly became a good hobby of mine. I was always planning on turning my stories into animation for shows and movies. Around the time of high school, I realized I wanted to animation after seeing CGI in one of the Fast and Furious movies. Since I never really drew was often I was behind and I didn’t have any art to build a portfolio.

I was recommended to go to City Tech and apply there so I can work on art classes building my portfolio while studying graphic design. When choosing my classes I eventually chose Communication Design because it had a graphic design, web design animation, and typography. It was a great opportunity and I seized it. During classes like Graphic Design 1, which I was really interested in weren’t too difficult and I did well. One of my classes Foundation Drawing pushed my drawing skills past its limits, I made a great improvement and realized this is what I have to deal with, these were the stepping stones in order to become a great artist. I wasn’t just working with artists that were leagues ahead of me I was competing with myself to do better. After passing all classes I got a wake-up call that this wasn’t going to be easy and I’m going to have to break tooth and nail just to keep up with everyone else and I can’t wait.