The second week at Savoir Beds was spent finishing the headboard tear sheets and then beginning to create the layout for the mattresses, box springs and toppers. These pieces have more information about the construction and materials, including an itemized list of each ingredient.

The tear sheets for the mattresses took the most time and effort, finding creative ways to share the information without overwhelming the audience.  I found these to be a bit more difficult since there is a lot more written copy than imagery.  I had to find a way to efficiently display the product information in a clean and tasteful way.

I made several rough drafts and presented each option with the manager and sales team. We reviewed each layout and different styles, where I took notes on what needed to be fixed or changed. From there I continued to work on the improvements, making several edits and options to present again the following week.

I assisted with visiting the competing showrooms in the neighborhood for what’s called ‘comp sets.’ The goal was to do comparable research on their product, collecting any brochures, price lists, and collateral. I went to two to three different showrooms of their competitors and brought back all the information I could collect.  It was interesting to actually be involved in this process and realizing the necessary steps to know your industry and your competitors.

So far I’ve really been enjoying this experience learning how to do graphic design work for a luxury showroom. I am excited to be a part of creating such important work for the entire US market.