I created this portfolio in order to expand my ideas and┬ácreativity. Here I present three of my favorite projects based on arduino and/or IOIO boards. What I like about these? Is that you can keep programming and edit the functions of these boards to do anything you’d like.


This is a smart robot that is being built with multiple sensors that recognizes a line, in this case, this follows the line that is being drawn. It can be a race line, or a maze, for a maze the Pololu 3 Pi runs the maze following the lines until it recognizes the end ( a dot), as it reaches the end, it memorizes the path of the maze. Once you set it up to the beginning of the maze it will run or solve the maze as fast as possible. That’s what I like! the time Pololu takes to learns the maze and then once is done, solve it faster.

Android Video on RGB Matrix

What I like about this project is the movement of the lights and the change of colors as it pictures oneself. The panel of the RGB Matrix can be modified to either bigger or smaller; the bigger the panel the better for picture quality, this is like watching TV with LED live!

Turn Signal Biking Jacket

This is a big opportunity for cyclist who likes to go out at night. In my personal opinion, I love to ride a bicycle, instead of using hands to advise drivers about turning left or right, I’d like to use this built in jacket to┬ásignal┬ádrivers that way a lot of accidents can be prevented.