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Day in the Life Video

This video is basically the two things I enjoy most in life: driving and art. In my spare time, I’m either driving with my friends or drawing cartoon sketches. These two activities are an everyday essential to my life and I plan to continue making them a priority.

Personal Gaming Poster

This is an idea I had for an RPG Indie game called “Red Clover”

Field Trip Report

This Wednesday, we went on a field trip to visit the UFT printing facility. The printing facility has showed me what to expect and gave me ideas of how the Design field works in terms of  printing. The UFT Print facility has many different printers and each has different purposes. These printers do so many things that I wasn’t aware of. The UFT printing facility is well established and like an facility it does many jobs for city public schools anywhere. Many people trust UFT printing facility to print their posters, envelopes, letterheads and so much more. Like I mentioned before, the UFT printing facility has many kinds of printing machines and each serving different purposes. Many of this machines are up to date, which is surprising because each machine is very expensive. UFT Printing facility produces also print work for all the 5 boroughs, and any kind of printing jobs that comes in, they make sure it’s done on time and even if there’s a problem they will make sure they get the job done. They print many things that we weren’t aware of like envelopes, school forms, and any kind of  document printed work needed. When the UFT facility first began they only had 2 printers and one PC. Now they have many machines and resources that help make the print facility run effectively. I have learn a lot of printing and the approach when printing for client or what machines to look in companies in regards to print jobs. I learned many printers and the equipment of printers to help me with my design work for printing.

Final Logo Research Paper

Color Inventories

Successful Examples of Transparency and Layering




Types of Textures



I found all of my textures in or outside my house. The metal floor is probably the one I’d use to create a repetitive design.

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