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JR., INC; here is a list of the things we need to get done by October 28th, 2014 (Due Date). It may sound like a long time but there’s a lot do! On that date, we also need to do a small in-class presentation of our design. Least but not last, if a prototype is created, we can bring it to class on the date mentioned above


  1. Order parts and work on creating a prototype (De la Cruz Construction Workshop) – Everyone
  2. Update/Rewrite the Preliminary Design Report (2-Chapter Report) if necessary – Josel
  3. Do an evaluation of customer needs & design requirements – Raymond
  4. Description of the product’s function – Josel
  5. Kinematics analysis of the motions – Jeffrey
  6. Parts drawings – Ronald & Jeffrey
  7. Assembly drawings – Ronald
  8. Preliminary sketch of important parts – Jeffrey
  9. Explanation of how the functional requirements of the important parts sketched are being satisfied by the components – Jeffrey
  10. Discussion of possible layouts  – Jeffrey
  11. Detailed drawing (CAD) of each part. Each drawing needs to have enough info to create the part. For example; material, dimensions, holes, slots, screws, etc – Ronald & Jeffrey
  12. Final assembly drawing – Ronald
  13. Motion analysis – Ronald & Jeffrey
  14. Exploded assembly view – Ronald
  15. Bill of materials – Ronald
  16. Plan on how to finish the product – Raymond
  17. Detailed schedule – Raymond


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