This is a Resources section. As the club starts to grow, this section includes things like a bibliography of the readings, any useful materials for helping students learn more about reading journal articles, resources about note-taking and annotation, etc., as well as links to relevant sites on the OpenLab, the City Tech website, or elsewhere.

The SPSS Workshop Series at City Tech


Open Textbook on Scholarly Reading for Social Sciences

Club Meeting Recordings

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Fall 2023

Optimizing healthcare interventions through effective trial design and implementation of adaptive strategies

Health disparities among immigrant Latinx sexual and gender minorities compared to U.S.-born counterparts: Exploring the impact of queer heterogeneity

Cardiovascular risk in adolescents and youths living with HIV: EHR evaluation and implications

Fall 2022

Is the association between adverse childhood experiences and later depression buffered by the trait of psychological flexibility?

Use of dried blood spots biosampling technology in predicting future viral breakthrough

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the care continuum of youth living with HIV