Assignment Guide on Ethical Reasoning


I think that my non-disclosure agreement for my internship was pretty decent and that paid me and was offered extra money for my posters and design work as a bonus. To be honest I read to AIGA articles I still have problems understanding what suppose to write about because at my job was basically plain and simple for me. I did more graphic and advertising work and bit of marketing and work that I post on my blogs weekly explains for itself.



In my years of doing graphic design I just have to say that in my past going to so many art museums. I get a lot of my artistic style from look at paintings and how the artwork draws people into thinking if it tells a story. My work was never a reflection to anybody in particular because they are way too many to think of. Some of my best work were from references of my favorite cartoons shows and album art covers from my favorite artists. So I would probably say that my art style could be credited by random artists that have cool designs that catches the public eye and gives a message. In my works I usually credit a few animators and painters like Seth MacFarlane, Stephen Hillenburg, and Pablo Picasso.


My opinion of the arguments and outcome of the Fairey Copyright case

As I read this article explaining about the Barack Obama “Hope” poster created by Artist Shepard Fairey shares his inspiration for making the “Hope” poster in support of President Obama’s 2008 campaign. He explains how Obama to him was somebody with an idealistic person that had good ideas that really resonated with him. So supporting Obama actually really  logical as an evolution of his opposition to a lot of other things that had been opposing in the past because Obama had opposed the same things as well. Shepard didn’t want to hurt Obama’s cause so he did actually reach out to some people in Obama’s campaign and saying that he would like to make poster on his own and if Obama would give him permission which he did. Shepard starts discussing how very quickly pull together a illustration that he thought made Obama look like a leader with a vision, conviction, and also with a patriotic image and made it just like he makes his normal posters. The poster symbolizes something really important and it’s activism and a return to the people of believing in democracy not just the people with the most power trying to manipulate democracies for their own ends. Whether his “HOPE” poster would make sense as a tool for Obama in the future maybe not they’ll be something else that Shepard will or someone else would create something emblematic of hope and progress. To be I’m not going to talk about the copyright case cause I don’t like to explain anything that have to do about politics and I refuse to argue about it because people are only saying its copyright because Fairey design made it famous.