About Me:

It’s often said finding one’s passion can be a lifelong endeavor. While some discover their calling early on in life, others take time to truly determine what they’re good at and meant to pursue. As a child, I vividly remember being interested in the human body and all the processes that are involved with it. This fascination lead to me contemplating working within the medical field in some capacity at a young age. My family would often playfully tease that I would be the doctor of the family. Although at the time I didn’t know precisely this would lead to a career within the dental field, I knew that I enjoyed the sciences, the art of communicating with people and helping them in anyway possible. Looking back at my interest at a young age makes it clear to me as to why I chose to pursue a career as a  Dental hygienist.  

(Posted with patient permission)

My fascination with health has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Oral health and dentistry have been two disciplines that have sparked my curiosity since childhood. The hands on nature of the profession is one of the determining factors as to why I enjoy it.

After pursuing a different career path within the medical field and not feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied, I decided to switch gears and pursue my childhood aspirations of working as a dental professional. Initially, I was interested in pursuing  dentistry. Dental hygiene appealed to me due to the prevention focused aspect of the profession. I’m a firm believer that preventative medicine is just as important as curative medicine. As an hygienist I get to put this philosophy to work each day in helping patients treat and prevent oral diseases. While clinical hygiene is a great way to guide patients in the prevention of oral conditions, there are many facets of hygiene outside of clinical practice that make the profession an excellent tool to further patient education and health. Ultimately, my passion for health and helping others has led me to this path of becoming a Dental Hygienist. While it’s been a tough journey with many valleys and peaks, my passion for oral health has kept me steadfast in my pursuit of becoming an hygienist and being able to impact patients lives in a positive way.