My name is Julian Majette. I was born in Manhattan, NY, however I am currently residing in the Bronx. I attend school at New York City College of technology. I am getting my bachelor’s degree in human services, my masters in social work & my doctorate in marriage & family therapy. My hobbies include poetry, track, football, community service projects and I am very involved with my church. Being the oldest of two siblings I have always taken on leadership a roles at work, in school as well my church. I am also very active in my community, from giving HIV tests to going to homeless shelters to hand out clothes.

The client population that I would like to work with is HIV/STD patients. Some of the things I would learn from working with this population is finding out how to gradually stop the epidemic of HIV within certain communities by working within these communities. The only way for me to make a significant change within the HIV population is for me to continue working with the communities that are greatly affected by the epidemic. The more I learn from them the more I would be able to apply that when entering other communities. The skills that I need in order to professionally serve this population is having great listening skills, being able to connect with the population let alone my individual clients. I need to be able to make them feel understood and safe. Lots of people who are HIV positive have been shut out of their own communities, families and churches. Therefore this causes them to feel guarded at all times. Thus Leaving it difficult for them to open up to anyone. What I believe are the human services needs of this population is to open up more HIV clinics and support groups in more rural areas and be more involved with the community such as giving free testing in community centers. The human service skill that I have developed and that is essential into helping that populations unique needs is counseling, giving HIV testing and outreaching to certain communities/populations. In using these skills I am starting to run a HIV ministry in my church opening up to the community for people who need testing or resources to get specific help or medication. I would be outreaching to everyone in the community of Harlem, so they could take full advantage. However the population that I am aiming to target is the youth so that they have a safe space to become more educated on HIV & have a safe space to be in without feeling like an outcast.

From the time of graduation to ten years following I should be on the verge of getting my PHD in marriage & family therapy. & working on having my practice, in which I would be a licensed therapist. In addition to that I would be still working with the HIV population. Also within that time I plan to be a marriage counselor. Getting my PHD is when I will become a therapist and have my own practice. My skills will be solely used on improving the HIV population helping to change the epidemic of people infected & helping mend marriages and families.