Second Journal

1 Paste Inc, is a company that does website and promotion for other company, my position in the company is front-end web designer. At the time when Colin asked me am I interested to work with him as an intern, I answered him immediately because at my first interview in the other company was not so good as I expect and I don’t want to waste too much time on the hunt for a job at that moment.

After I scheduled an interview with him, I remember a tip from one of my Web design class professors that interviewer will ask people to write code on a paper instead of testing them on a screen, so I spend the rest of the time to read and tried to remember all the code that I had wrote for other websites I made for homework. At the time when I arrive at his office, I feel very surprised, because the company is so small, either number of member and the site. however, not surprised, Colin asked me the write a simple website from a random webpage that he picks from Google on a piece of paper.


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