“For Adobe, the Future Is in the Past”

“For Adobe, the Future Is in the Past” is an article on the New York Times. What I found most interesting is that Adobe is making touch screen electronics. Everything is made convenient nowadays that people can just do their work on the go. Adobe’s Photoshop Touch was one of the platforms that was introduced. It allows people to put pictures together, draw, and much more. What was interesting is that sooner or later, people would not even have to use desktops or laptops. They would just go into these devices that makes it so much easier to work with. People would just go for hand held devices since it’s handy and they can just use it when they travel.

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I am doing my report on Canon. Canon’s headquarters is located in Japan. Canon’s top competitors are Konica Minolta, Ricoh Company, and Xerox. Canon is not only known for cameras, digital camcorders or scanners. Canon is also known for printers. They have printers for dorm rooms to huge printers that produce large prints. Canon has gotten many great reviews about its’ products. From design to features, performance, and service and support, customers love using Canon.

Canon has received many awards for outstanding color and summer’s pick. Their products are highly recommended by many and are improving as newer editions come out. Even though Canon has some negativity, the positive feedback dominates and customers love Canon products.


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