My name is Jeremy Dueñas. I am a Communications Design, BFA major with a focus on Advertising. I was born and raised in Staten Island where I currently live with my mother, father, sister, grandfather and dog, Bobby.

I’m a self-described adventurer and communications enthusiast. I have several years of experience working with social media content creation and spent the last year serving as the National Social Media Team Lead for a non-profit organization with 150,000+ followers across all major platforms. I can at times be quiet, but if you get me going, I can talk for hours about all my experiences.

I traveled to South Africa with my internship at JP Morgan Chase during high school and fell in love with the country, so two years later I did a study abroad program in Cape Town. Following my time in South Africa last winter, I took the spring semester off because I was accepted to the Disney College Program. I spent 8 months working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and found a company that I would love to grow with as I begin to develop my professional skills in this field.